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Since its launching in 2016, the Tubacex Foundation has been operating at the forefront, passionately promoting projects in education, culture, sports, social welfare and employment, among others. We have a clear mission: to improve the lives of the communities where we work, adding value and growth.

Thanks to the growth and global expansion of TUBACEX we understand how crucial it is to concentrate our efforts on a single organization. Fully aligned with our corporate strategy, this Organization has become our backbone bringing to life initiatives in our four key lines: international training and scholarships, promoting diverse talent, strengthening local communities and offering support in emergency situations.

Educaci贸n de calidad
Reduccion de desigualdades
Alianza para lograr los objetivos

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, as the heart of Tubacex Foundation, is responsible for directing, managing and representing the organization, always complying with the provisions of the Foundation's Articles of Association and applicable laws. The Board is responsible for validating each year's business plan and annual budget. Its composition is as follows:

  • Jes煤s Esmoris
  • 脕lvaro Videgain
  • Juan Antonio Gasteizgogeascoa
  • Consuelo Crespo
  • Juan R. Guevara
  • Marta Areizaga
  • Pedro Luis Uriarte
  • Maider Cuadra (Non-member secretary)
Executive Committee

The Foundation's regular management body is responsible for implementing action plans approved by the Board of Trustees.


  • Ziortza Loizate, Director of People Development
  • Nagore Larrea, Director of Sustainability


Local Manager
Functional Manager

Delegate Committee

They form the link between the strategic approaches and lines defined by the Board of Trustees and the fulfillment of all the specific actions that are carried out by the Executive Committee and the rest of the organization麓s human resources (Technical Team, Advisers, Volunteers).

  • A Board Member
  • Executive Committee