The Foundation is committed to the internationalization of educational processes, offering international scholarships funded by the Basque Government.
Initial Outcomes

These grants enable young people to access international job markets and, at times, local contracts are obtained in the destination regions.

Areas of action

One-year programs receive 50% of their funding from the Basque Government and 50% from the Foundation.

In the last four years: 20 young people have been incorporated in Italy (IBF), Austria (SBER), USA (Salem Tube) and Thailand (Awaji Stainless) with an international grant.

They are mainly engineers, with the exception of the two young people sent to Thailand, who come from Vocational Training and a diploma in law.

Future Outlook

The Foundation will continue to offer these programs in 2024 to improve the competitiveness of our young people in the global market, as well as promoting enhanced competency levels and experience for young people in global environments.


The Foundation is committed to preparing professionals to bridge the generation gap - professionals well prepared for the future.

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