In recent years, the work lines aimed at the integration of the disabled in the workforce of the Tubacex plants, mainly in Llodio and Amurrio, have been defined, holding several meetings with collaborating organizations in order to understand the reality of these plants in terms of hiring.

Initial Outcomes

At the Foundation we have supported different organizations to promote the social and labor integration of different groups at risk of exclusion.

Program Benefits

Fundaci贸n ONCE and TUBACEX are working together to foster the employment of disabled people. [ READ MORE ]
Participation with the association BAKUVA in different information talks to encourage boys and girls in the district of Bilbao La Vieja (Bilbao) to continue their education, showing them employment alternatives from the experience accumulated by TUBACEX's professionals. The Foundation has also provided financial support for the association through a financial contribution.
Collaboration agreement with the association HAR-EMAN which encourages access to new technologies and new means of communication for those with special needs, promoting their integration in the social-cultural environment.
Reduccion de desigualdades

Supporting cultural diversity

As part of our commitment to art and culture, we continue supporting projects carried out by the Guggenheim and Artium Museums through participation and financial contribution.

Total Expenses
13.426 鈧