Dual training

The new dual training programs launched by Tubacex Foundation in Spain and Austria are boosting training for young people.

Initial Outcomes

This dual training program offers young people an opportunity to switch between classroom learning and specific training and internships in the company, promoting their qualification and therefore, their employability. The result is a team of professionals specialized in electro-mechanical maintenance with a high training level.

Areas of action

In this program, the plants become the main space for learning thanks to the close mentoring of those responsible. Whilst 75% of the program is undertaken in the workplace, the remaining 25% is given at a studies center.

Furthermore, the Foundation includes a year's international experience at other Group plants, which is added to training in its own transversal skills at all of its plants in the fields of Health and Safety, Operational Excellence or Quality practices, among others.

In Austria, these programs are carried out at a dedicated center (FutureZone), which trained 18 apprentices in 2023. In Spain, 8 students participated in this training program.

Future Outlook

As an extension and new feature in this area, an international talent attraction program was activated in 2023, which has served to adjust the candidacy proposal for 2023-2024, although it did not result in the incorporation of talent.


In this program, vocational training has been adapted to the company's real needs with ad-hoc training.

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