Contributing to the respect for Children’s Rights in countries or areas in which the Group is present and where they are at risk.

We are strategic allies thanks to our contribution to early childhood education, access to WASH, resilience to climate crisis and innovation.

Initial Outcomes

The Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with UNICEF in November 2016 to boost the educational development of 116,000 children from Palghar, a region close to the Tubacex India production plant.

Areas of action

This three-year project was based on the promotion of education through better access to water, sanitation and hygiene in 1,257 schools in the district. For three years, different actions were carried out, such as the installation of baths for children or talks on healthy hygiene habits, among others.

Present & Future

In the three years following the signing of the agreement, we continued to support the program financially and raise awareness of the initiative through communication campaigns. In particular, professionals working at TUBACEX have been encouraged to participate with voluntary donations by means of different information materials, such as posters, donation forms, letters or special events held in specific dates.


Upgrading early learning facilities and climate-resilient water supply, sanitation and hygiene systems in schools.

300.000 鈧 / 3 years
school centres
Educaci贸n de calidad
Reduccion de desigualdades